Donetsk People's Republic Supplying Black Gold 'Coal' To Russia ! ~ DPR Pres. Zakharchenko

15 марта

Donetsk People's Republic Supplying Black Gold 'Coal' To Russia ! ~ DPR Pres. Zakharchenko

DPR Donetsk People's Republic began the process of exporting coal by railway to Russia according to the Republic’s head Alexander Zakharchenko said on Tuesday.

“The first 95 coal wagons filled with pure black gold (coal) went to Russia today,” Zakharchenko said adding that exports would be on track before the summer.

“I’ve already said that the process is long and not easy; it’ll take about two months,” he said.

The Donbass economic blockade which is considered a war crime , took a new turn in January as Nazi elements from the Kiev Junta Regime starterd a new operation and that was the blockade of railway traffic on Gorskoye-Zolotoye (LPR territory) stretch. The Nazi radicals said their objective was to terminate trade with the Lugansk People’s Republic.

The blockade later extended to Svetlanovo railway station in vicinity of Pervomaisk, the railway stretch in Kiev-held Armtyomovsk area (DPR territory) and Yasinovataya-Skotovataya stretch. Nazi extremist Ukrainian lawmakers supported the action. Ukrainian Nazi  radicals have repeatedly said that it was an indefinite blockade.

In response, DPR authorities initiated a total take over, privatizing the companies operating in the Republic which was controlled by the Junta government of Ukraine and now falling under the jurisdiction of DPR and with that said, all new channels, export logistics of business have now opened especially between DPR and Russia.


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