Chaos In Odessa , Hundreds Of Nazi Activists Attack Police

14 September

Chaos In Odessa , Hundreds Of Nazi Activists Attack Police

INFO FROM NAZI RIGHT SECTOR WEB: More than two hundred  Nazi activists of "Nazi Right Sector", "Svoboda", "Odessa's self-defence" and the Civil Corps "Azov" have joined the march in support of political prisoners Andriy Medvedko and Denis Polishchuk, who were accused of murdering the anti-Ukrainian "journalist" Oles Buzina. The action took place in Odessa on September 13. During the march, violent confrontations broke out including an incident with acid thrown at one of the police officers !  The march was held at the city center with using of pyrotechnics and under patriotic and anti-oligarchic slogans, the nationalists have also called upon the government to release political prisoners.

Given the recent events with all these detentions and arrests in Ukraine it would be quite appropriate to draw certain parallels and remind a few names:  Taras Slobodian, a participant of revolutionary struggle at Maidan, has disappeared during the revolutionary events in Kyiv, later his body without his left hand was found in the woods in Sumy region. Examination revealed he was tortured.

Maxim Horoshyshyn, a participant of revolutionary struggle at Maidan, died on February 18 from gas poisoning during the clashes with Berkut at Institutska street. Doctors could not save his life.
Viktor Shvets, he went to the Maidan on February 18, at 23:00 he called home and say that everything is fine, at 04:00 a physicians called from morgue and said that he died at 01:00, probably he was hospitalized with injuries at the Maidan and died (or killed) on the way to hospital
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