Horror Weekend As Nazi Ukraine Junta Unleash Heavy Weapons Fire On Civilian Homes In Dolgoye Lugansk Republic !

23 January

Horror Weekend As Nazi Ukraine Junta Unleash Heavy Weapons Fire On Civilian Homes In Dolgoye Lugansk Republic !

DOLGOYE HIT ! Horror Weekend as Ukraine Coup Leader And War Criminal Poroshenko and his Nazi Henchmen attack civilian areas with heavy weapons fire even using Grenade Launchers (RPG-7) deliberately targeting civilian homes ! Total madness and this all backed by U.S. Senator McCain and terrorist Organization NATO !

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko examines a British-made Saxon armored personnel carrier with a Ukrainian weapon system while visiting a military base outside Kiev on April 4, 2015

23.01.2017 ~ At 10:45, on January 22, 2017, from the area of ​​the locality of Lopaskino, the Ukrainian war criminals of the 14th teams brigade of the Nazi Ukraine Unit (AFU ) committed a barbaric act of terror against the civilian population, namely the shelling of residential buildings of the locality of Dolgoye. The military used grenade launchers RPG-7 (10 rounds made), and a heavy machine gun.

The shelling caused significant damage:

  • in the Mira St, N6, apt. 2, a roof damaged, N5, apt.1, the windows shattered;
  • in the Sadovaya St, N2, the windows shattered, the facade damaged.

There were no casualties.

The shelling started unexpectedly, but the locals had time to escape.


Another shelling by the Nazi Ukraine Unit (AFU) As They Target Homes In Lugansk Republic ! More War Crimes !

02:27, 23.01.2017

Only 6 hours after the time when the Nazi Ukrainian military shelled private households in the location of Dolgoye, the Slavyanoserbsk region of the LPR, the AFU war criminals again violated the ceasefire.

At 17.00, the Ukrainian punishers of the 14th separate brigade of the AFU opened fire with anti-tank missiles and small arms in the direction of the JCCC representatives and a group of journalists, who stayed in the Tsentralnaya street in the locality of Dolgoye, where they arrived to photo document the consequences of the attacks. By happy coincidence, there were no casualties.

We hope that this case will not remain unnoticed by the OSCE SMM, and the Deputy Head of the international mission, A.Hug, during his visit to the LPR from 24 to 25 January, will provide an adequate assessment of the systematic shelling by the AFU.

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