Nazi Ukraine Terrorist Commanders Shevchenko And Gorbatyuk Along With Criminal Georgian Mercenary's Killing And Bombing Civilians In The Lugansk Republic ! (Full Military Report LPR Maj. Marochko)

25 January

Nazi Ukraine Terrorist Commanders Shevchenko And Gorbatyuk Along With Criminal Georgian Mercenary's Killing And Bombing Civilians In The Lugansk Republic ! (Full Military Report LPR Maj. Marochko)


The situation on the contact line has not significantly changed and remains under control.

Over the past day, the Nazi Ukrainian military seven times violated the ceasefire. The criminal orders were given to their units by supporters of the Ukrainian Nazism and war criminals, the commander of the 24th brigade, Shevchenko, and the commander of the 54th brigade, Gorbatyuk. They  shelled the positions of the LPR People’s Army in the area of the localities Vesyologorovka, Sanzharovka, Kalinovo, Logvinovo and Kalinovka. The war criminals used in the shelling 82 and 120mm mortars, grenade launchers of different types and small arms.

The Ukrainian Nazi punishers continue to terrorize the civilian population of Donbass. Even the fact of the visit to the LPR of the Deputy Head of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine, Alexander Hug, does not stop the war criminals. At 00:10, on 24 January 2017, the Ukrainian unta military shelled the locality of Kirovsk with 122mm artillery systems. As a result of the shelling:

  • In the Dzerzhinsky St, N1, in the hospital complex were damaged windows of two buildings of the complex and the building of the clinics;
  • In the Shakhterskaya St, N2a, was a direct hit on the territory of a garden near a private house, with the walls and the foundation damaged and the windows shattered;
  • In the area of the Kirova mine, was killed a civilian, Ponachalov Vladimir born in 1968, who was returning home from the work shift;
  • In the area of cottages, were damaged farm buildings.

This was not enough for the war criminals, and on January 24, at 13:30, during a meeting of the Deputy Head of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine, Alexander Hug, with representatives of the LPR People’s Army, the JCCC and journalists in the area of ​​the Debaltsevo suburb in the LPR, there was a mortar attack from the locality of Luganskoye controlled by the AFU. In the area where the meeting was held, landed two 120mm mortars. This fact was documented by the JCCC and the OSCE SMM.

The Ukrainian punishers, with impunity, made it a rule to fire at civilians, and adding now to this rule a new development of shelling international peacekeeping organization, the JCCC and media representatives.

Let me remind you that on January 22, the Ukrainian punishers shelled with anti-tank missiles and large-caliber machine guns the JCCC representatives and a group of journalists, who came to document the results of the shelling of the locality of Dolgoye.

Thus, the Ukrainian Nazi criminals continue fighting not only against their own people, but also against those who are trying to establish peace in Donbass.

In addition, the Ukrainian Junta  government continues to deceive their own citizens, making statements about the progress of the criminal Forces of Ukraine in the direction of the LPR localities. This is just another attempt to divert the public attention from the series of military failures which led to the Nazi Ukraine Units (AFU ) huge losses. In addition, these statements further confirm the failure of the AFU, as in their reports the Ukrainian media talk about the success of Georgian mercenaries from a certain nationalist unit of the 54th brigade.

However, we know firsthand about the successes and preparation of Georgian mercenaries. It is possible that it was these war criminals who in August 2008, were killing civilians in the South Ossetia, and then valiantly feeling, throwing American arms and equipment, scared of the Russian army that came to help the Ossetian people.

Ukrainian command can not ensure an adequate level of military discipline and morale of the AFU soldiers.

In particular, near the locality of Popasnaya, moving in a private car in a drunken state, a military of the 24th brigade of the Nazi Ukraine Units ( AFU ), Colonel Nistiruk, was detained by the traffic police. Threatening to use his personal weapons, the AFU officer refused to leave the car on the pretext of transporting classified documents and then fled in the car, threatening the police officers with physical violence.

We continue to record the crimes committed by the AFU against civilians. In particular, the commander of a reconnaissance company, Nazi Senior Lieutenant Yevtushenko, moving around only in a company of armed guards, regularly steals food and clothes from shops of the locality of Kamyshevakha, threatening the staff with violence.

These and other facts confirm that the Ukrainian laws do not apply the armed criminals, and in the area of ​​the anti-national terrorist operation lawlessness reigns.

I would like to draw the world's attention on the deliberate unwillingness of the Nazi Kiev military to carry out the political will of their leader, documented in the point number 8 of the framework agreements on the ‘bilateral withdrawal of forces and means from the contact line’.

In particular, on January 23, the representative of the «ATO» press center in Donbass, Matyukhin said that the withdrawal of forces near the locality of Stanytsa Luganskaya is unlikely on the Ukrainian side on January 25, referring to the ongoing shelling.

I would like to note that on our side the «regime of silence» is fully respected, soldiers clearly follow orders not to open return fire, which is confirmed by representatives of the JCCC and the Mission SMM. We are strongly committed to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, and fulfill all conditions to ensure the unimpeded access of the Mission representatives in the areas of the separation of forces and means.

We hope that during today's visit of the Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission in Ukraine to the territory of the LPR, A.Hug will positively estimate our commitment to the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, and confirm the People's Army's adherence to the cease-fire.

With regard to the ongoing violations of «the ceasefire» by the Ukrainian side, I would like to note that while the fascist-nationalist units and subunits of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps «Right Sector» and other geeks, worshipping serial killers and Nazis, stay on the contact line, there can be no question about any ceasefire from Ukraine. These people are willing to do anything to continue the bloody fighting in Donbass.

Despite all demonstrative failures of the actions on the separation of forces and means of the Nazi  Ukrainian side, the LPR people’s Army is ready, in our turn, to perform the next condition of the Minsk Agreements and withdraw, on January 25, the troops and equipment from contact line near the locality of Stanytsa Luganskaya.

In addition, the People’s Army  units continues to carry out gatherings of the platoons commanders, artillery spotters and engineering units. We raise, as planned, the level of professionalism and readiness to perform tasks for the protection and safety of the people of the Republic.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Army ,Major Andrey Marochko

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