About 100000 Syrians were cured by Russian doctors

8 December

About 100000 Syrians were cured by Russian doctors

More than 60,000 Syrians have received assistance from Russian military doctors in Aleppo, Russian task force commander in that Syrian city, Major-General Sergey Kisel, said at a rally with the participation of local residents.

"A total of 240 military doctors from across Russia - from Sevastopol to Khabarovsk - have provided daily assistance to those wounded and sick, the elderly, women and children who suffered from shelling and militants’ attacks," he said. "Russian military specialists have delivered qualified medical care to more than 60,000 Syrians, conducted more than 1,500 complicated surgeries thus saving the lives of many ordinary people who have no opportunity to get full-fledged medical care in the war-torn country."

For his part, head of the Aleppo Defense and Security Committee, General Malik Aliya, said that "the personnel of the special purpose medical unit and the field hospital had been actively involved in efforts to provide medical assistance to many civilians wounded by illegal armed units’ shelling."

The Russian Defense Ministry’s medical unit had been deployed to Syria to provide assistance to the population affected by the conflict.



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