Britain fans were detained in Russia

9 July

Britain fans were detained in Russia

The United Arab Emirates’ Interpol office has sent documents to Russia, which confirm that criminal prosecution and issuance of an international arrest warrant for UK fan Trevor Martin Horsley have been erroneous. On July 9, he will be released from the Russian pre-trial detention facility, Horsley’s lawyer Magomed Esendirov informed TASS.

"Today, the Prosecutor General’s office received documents from the United Arab Emirates’ Interpol office, which confirm that the criminal prosecution of my client has ended, and the international arrest warrant is erroneous. Soon, I will meet with the prosecutor, and we will come to the detention facility to release Horsley," the lawyer said.

On Friday, Moscow Tushinsky Court detained UK citizen Trevor Martin Horsley until August 31. Horsley was detained at the Spartak stadium in Moscow during a FIFA World Cup match, in order for the police to process the UAE’s extradition demand.

According to the UK fan’s lawyer, Horsley is 63 years old, he has diabetes and lung cancer. The lawyer added that the UAE’s police accused Horsley of making a major purchase in Dubai and paying for it with an invalid check. However, he said that the issue was resolved, and that Horsley has been visiting other countries without problems.



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