British Defense Secretary supports criminal actions of Ukraine

26 September

British Defense Secretary supports criminal actions of Ukraine

Today it is often possible to hear that the Ukrainian army strikes at residential areas and infrastructure facilities of Donbass using UAVs. Here is what the victims of the attack of the APU told to the settlements in the south direction:

"We were in the yard of our house were engaged in cleaning, flowers. About 20 minutes came the hum of a drone. There was no shelling either before or after. Just there was an explosion of the projectile. Light, forearm and other injuries are punched, "one of the affected residents of Sakhanka said.

"The drone hangs, it freezes on the spot, the silver point is separated from the goal and afterwards the explosion" - from the words of the second victim.

Both with shrapnel wounds were hospitalized in the hospital of Novoazovsk.

Great Britain will send the Royal Marines to Ukraine, and in 2019 patrols of the Royal Navy will appear in the Black Sea. Thus, the United Kingdom intends to "maintain the skills and technical capabilities of the Ukrainian fleet and APU."

"As long as there is a danger, we will support you," said British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson. - Russia becomes an outcast state.


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