Criminal actions of AFU in Gladosovo and Travnevoe

8 December

Criminal actions of AFU in Gladosovo and Travnevoe

Ukrainian Mass Media resources keep on deceiving its population, covering criminal actions of AFU in Gladosovo and Travnevoe. Particularly when they talk about restarting of road communications. Population has being blocked since the first day when Kiev forces invaded the villages. People could not get their homes, having returning back home by BUS from work from the village Novoluganskoe.

It means that population used public transport, and AFU shows now as if they provided transport for population. And moreover, Ukrainian journalists said that Kiev made new road there.

The second thing is that AFU left people with no power, and did not start repairing it. They are using now mobile generator, and they will take it with them as soon as they leave villages.

And the last, pay attention at the photos, we do not see there 150 people at it was before invasion.

People must have been subjected to repressions.

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