Daily sitrep of the DPR

6 March

Daily sitrep of the DPR

Official office of the DPR in JCCC reports about 3 ceasefire vilations by Kiev forces. 

Donetsk direction: mortars of 82mm caliber were used 2 times (12 mortars), heavy machine guns and small arms were used once

Mariupol direction: heavy machine gun was used once, sniper made one laucch, and small arms were used once.

As a result of shelling by Kiev hostilities Novolaspa, Dkuchaevsk, Donettsk and Dzerzhinskoe suffered.

Altogether 16 armament units were used.

Remember that absolute 'spring ceasefire' had to start in the midnight from March 4 to March 5, however, in several hours after the beginning Kiev forces activated their military actions.





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