Data that retired people will be deprieved of social benefits in case of not voting is not true

6 November

Data that retired people will be deprieved of social benefits in case of not voting is not true

Recently, various social networks have circulated rumorsabout possible disruptions in pension payments in the DPR. At the same time, the circulators of this information, which is fake, try and tie it to the future elections of the Head of the DPR and deputies of the People’s Council. Acting Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the DPR Larisa Tolstykina made a comment disproving such allegations, according to a correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“The Donetsk People’s Republic fulfills its obligations to ensure various social support measures for its citizens, which is provided for by the current legislation. On an ongoing basis, about 1 million people getsocial care from the state. Of whom, there are674 thousandpensioners, and the amount of expenditures on ensuring their respective payments amounts to 3.4 billion RUBeach month.

Pension payments in the Republic are carried out on a monthly basis, regularly, based on the established payout period from the 4th to the 25thof each month, in full and without delay. This month, the payment of pensions began on the 4th, despite the fact that it was Sunday, a day-off. The Pension Fund of the Republic transferred funds in advance, and some branches of Pochta Donbassa State Enterprise that worked this day delivered pensions to their recipients. Today, pensions are paid as per normal: for the 4th and 5th of November, at both Pochta Donbassa SE offices and Central Republic Bank branches, including by entering the establishedsumtothe retirees’ card accounts.

Citizens registered atlocal offices of the RepublicPension Fund will get their pension payments in time and in full. This has nevertied into the polling to be held on November 11th. Information about the deprivation of pensioners of their pensions for failing to appear at the polling is fake and provocative. This is another attempt of Ukraine to instigatedestabilization of the situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Once again, I draw our citizens’attention — trust only the official information sourcesand do not fall for provocations!” Larisa Tolstykina said.


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