Donbass to remember and commemorate its liberators

8 September

Donbass to remember and commemorate its liberators

Regional center Stalino (now Donetsk) was liberated from Germany troops on September 8, 1943. Now it is the capital of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic). When 71 years passed after the liberation from fascists, Donbass was subjected to new attack but this time not Germany, but Ukrainian occupants came here with aggression.

When the coup happened in Kiev, Donbass people was to hold referendum, where the majority (91%) voted for the separation from Ukraine.

In time of the Great Patriotic War, Donbass was occupied nearly 2 years. And this period people were not only to try to live, but to survive also.

History repeated when Ukraine sent tanks and aviation to peaceful Donbass. And now we have to defend our homes and land like before.

However, the war is here the fourth year, we celebrate the Day of Liberation from Germany troops.

You may know which famous pinist visits Donbass and supports it.




We are thankful to our ancestors for the freedom and we know that we will defends our native land till the end!

Nataliya Sinyavskaya

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