DPR described the situation close to Gorlovka

15 May

DPR described the situation close to Gorlovka

The military situation close to Gorlovka got worse. The shelling by AFU do not stop, but have intention to higher activation, stated the head of the press-service of the Armed Forces of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov.

‘Subdivisions of the 24th and 54th brigades carried out shelling at the Shirokaya Balka and Golma that are headed by Gudz and Maystrenko.

In regard to Bezsonov, these Commanders initiated operation at the village Chigiri. It was extremely unsuccessful operation, they lost heights and range of great positions. They occupied the village in lowlands.

In the DP Commandment are sure that at least three civilians wounded as a result of the unsuccessful operation of AFU.

‘Chigiri not great place for positions, level of water is very high, that is impossible to dig trenches, pointed out head of the press-service.


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