20 November


Russia will never submit to West’s plans will not allow the Yugoslav scenario to repeat in the Donbas.

The political analyst Alexander Rahr, a German political analyst says in an interview for “PolitWera” channel

According to the expert, in case of return of the DPR and the LPR into Ukraine, repressions of the local population would be inevitable.

“Russia refuses to agree with the Kosovo option for Donbass. The Kosovo option would mean that the peacekeepers would enter the Donbass, disarm all separatists and insurgents, take away their weapons, create police forces, take power, and then return the entire region back to Ukraine. This is a plan of the West, as the Minsk agreements are interpreted in the West. Russia will never do this, it will not give offense to people, realizing that many of them will be reprimanded by the Ukrainian authorities, the Ukrainian army or the special services for having been outside Ukraine for five years. It will nevertheless be, ”the political scientist said.

He sees the only way out of the current situation in the federalization of Ukraine according to the German or Swiss model.

“This is a complex state with a population that is not homogeneous, as in other countries. Therefore, I have always offered and offer Ukraine a German model of federation. Yes, let them count money in Kiev and control the army, security issues and foreign policy, but it is necessary to give autonomy to these huge regions so that people speak, like in Switzerland, in different languages, but would still live in one state. Ukraine, as a state, took place somewhere, but as a nation, it will not take place so quickly simply because of objective historical reasons, ”Rahr stressed.

Earlier, the Ukrainian militant, the speaker of the political wing of the Azbat national battalion, Alexander Alferov, said that Ukraine should undertake a military operation against Donbass, similar to the expulsion of the disloyal population from Serb Krajina in Croatia.

His thesis was repeated by the Minister for “occupied territories” Vadim Chernysh, saying that Ukraine should use the experience of Croatia and reclaim the lost territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the same scenario.

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