Germany thinks Crimea is Russian

19 August

Germany thinks Crimea is Russian

Crimea will never return to Ukraine again and sanctions will not change the situation, deputy leader of the Alternative for Germany party Alexander Gauland said in an interview with the Funke media group, published on Saturday.

"Crimea will never return to Ukraine, sanctions will not help," said Gauland, who is the top AfD candidate in September’s general election. According to him, "it would be right if Crimea was recognized part of Russia." "Mr. Lindner [leader of the Free Democratic Party Christian Lindner - TASS] has already understood it," the deputy leader of the Alternative for Germany party added.

Lindner earlier called for considering the Crimea issue separately from other problems. In his opinion, such approach may help achieve success in other aspects of relations between the European Union and Russia, but if that does not happen, sanctions could be toughened. Lindner’s statement sparked a broad debate in Germany.

"Russia is a power, we should involve it in building a new European order," he went on to say. "We should stop contrasting NATO and Russia," Gauland stressed.



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