Her goal is to not lose herself, sense of life, love, motivation

17 October

Her goal is to not lose herself, sense of life, love, motivation

War divided life of Yulia in life ‘before’ and ‘after’. It confined her to the bed. It tore her soul. However, she is overcoming fear, pain and tears, and she is smiling. She is smiling to the life.

How it happened

I cut corners on transport fee, and I went to work only by trolleybus, one the same and at the same time.

That horrible day January 22, 2015 I went out at the same time. She as usually sat at the same trolleybus and took place at the end as usually, took her telephone to write the message and the first mine struck….

I was deafened. I saw my torn hand, only two bones were. I noticed two women with their heads tilted in such a strange way, and I understood they perished.

Then Yuliya saw her leg, she tried to get quite at first and said herself all the time that everything would be okay, half a year or year in the hospital. Then there were 4 more shells, she screamed, asked about help and prayed all the time, she asked her mother to take her.

Then militiamen bought here to the Kalinin hospital, her phone rang, she screamed not to tell to her grandmother what happened.

Yulia was all the time in the reanimation, she had 14 operations, then she was taken to Rostov. Dweller from Germany saw Yilia's story and brought her great prothesis.

However, I cannot use it now. It is to be coordinated with my weight, way of my going on the ladder, specialist has to fix it.

Now I am trying to do housework: cleaning and cooking, but I do this by my left hand and after all I am dirty, but I have to do this, my friends visit me, sometimes we go to the center of the city. I visit swimming-pool, I go to the church.

I cannot admit myself as I am, but I have to live not like a plant.

Yuliya Mihaylova

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