Kiev troops shell south-west of the DPR severely

20 July

Kiev troops shell south-west of the DPR severely

JCCC fixes the shelling at Dokuchaevsk and Staromikgaylovka.

At 8.20 pm Kiev hostile forces launched 4 mortars of 120mm caliber from temporary controlled by them Movotroitskoe at Dokuchaevsk, infantry combat vehicle-2 made 40 launches,

Civil female of Dokuchaevsk got wounded as a result of the shelling by Kiev forces at Dokuchaevsk, official representative in JCCC.

‘Kiev forces started the shelling started at7pm. Ukrainian troops opened fire with antitank controlled missile, civil female of 63 years got wounded’, JCCC reported.

At 8.35pm Ukrainian troops shelled Staromikhaylovka from Krasnogorovka, infantry combat vehicle and heavy machine guns were used.

Remember that the sides agreed in Minsk on June 27 about the regular ceasefire, thus time it has to start since July 1, and it is called Bread Ceasefire. The purpose of which is to allow to get the crop.


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