A Landmark And Historical Signing In Lugansk Republic, Economic Cooperation Agreement Between LPR And South Ossetia !

9 February

A Landmark And Historical Signing In Lugansk Republic, Economic Cooperation Agreement Between LPR And South Ossetia !

LPR Economic Development Ministry and South Ossetia signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday.

LPR Economic Development Ministry, South Ossetia sign cooperation agreement ~

The signing ceremony was attended by LPR parliament speaker Denis Miroshnichenko, parliament  deputies, acting Council of Ministers First Chairman Oleg Chernousov, acting LPR Foreign Minister Vladislav Deinego, acting LPR Economic Development Minister Elena Kostenko and LPR ministries and departments officials. South Ossetia was represented by Economic Development Minister Gennady Kokoyev, his deputy Roin Kozayev and Chamber of Trade representative Ramin Kozayev.

In 2017, South Ossetia’s Economic Development Ministry officials took part in the 2nd economic forum and the national economy achievements exhibition in LPR. Kokoyev said back then that South Ossetia had plans to develop economic ties with LPR in mechanical engineering, farming and tourism. A decision was made at the forum to draw a draft economic cooperation agreement between the two republics.

“The signing (of the agreement) is a landmark in economic cooperation between our two peoples and solid groundwork for strengthening our companies and their interaction, with the objective to achieve better welfare for the peoples in our republics,” Chernousov said.

“We have no reasons to doubt that our cooperation that started at the 2nd economic forum in the Lugansk People’s Republic last year will have a follow-up, and that in the future we can hope for projects that will contribute to the republics’ economic development,” Kokoyev said.

In his opinion, LPR economy will be a factor in the establishment of South Ossetia’s economy.

The LPR-South Ossetia cooperation agreement was signed by Kostenko for LPR and Kokoyev for South Ossetia.

“Economic cooperation implies interaction and building relations in all sectors of the economy, such as tourism, industry, culture, trade and investments, so we already have promising forecast plans which we progressively discuss,” Kostenko said.

LPR departments, together with South Ossetian colleagues will focus on problem economic issues in order “to help businesses develop and find points of contact,” she added.

“Of course we expect an effective result from our positive solutions. The ultimate objective is to improve our population’s welfare,” Kostenko said.

Kokoyev said that the South Ossetian delegation had had talks with LPR officials and visited industrial companies in the course of the visit. “We’ll certainly use LPR experience at South Ossetian companies,” he said.

On 6 February, acting LPR head Leonid Pasechnik held a meeting with South Ossetia Economic Development Ministry representatives.

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