Many great people leave us so early

20 August

Many great people leave us so early

He called at 9am to his mother. They talked so great. And at 9:56 she perished. His mother Irina cannot talk about this with no tears.  She does not understand why. Vova passed all hot points for 3 years. And he helped to his parents since 12. They had all necessities, mother and father worked at the mine, however, a Boy started working as lumper at the market. Father of Vladimir is also Vladimir and his son got the same name.

Family of Volodya lived in Mariinka, when Ukies invaded it in June 2014, house of the hero was targeted, AFU saw everything that happened there, 2 weeks they were to spend in a basement, and then they left it and departed to Irina’s sister to ask for support.

Of course they got support, however, the situation was getting worse and worse in Zugre, cruel battles started in August, Ukrainians were very close, and on August 13, 2014 happened the biggest tragedy, when Kiev forces carried out airstrike, and the town thundered , several bombs landed on the children beach. Family of sister departed to Russia, and Irina’s family started looking for the aid in Donetsk.

Volody joined the ranges of the DPR militia and paid service nearly for 3 years, last year he met Karina in a front village, he brought her home when he had dayoff to meet with parent, then they got married, and a boy was born.

Yesterday was 40 days since the tragic death of Vladimir, and it was a Birthday of his son that will never see his father…



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