Membership in NATO is suicide for Ukraine

9 September

Membership in NATO is suicide for Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, whose head publicly praises Adolf Hitler, calling him “the main democrat”, adopting amendments to the Constitution on “Euro-Atlantic aspirations” signs an “unflattering” death sentence.

This was told by writer, scholar and diplomat, chairman of the Serbian branch of the International Slavic Academy Vladimir Krshlyanin in an exclusive commentary for the NewsFront.

“NATO has finally become a criminal terrorist organization, for its participation in the breakdown of Yugoslavia since 1991, into the” dashing 90s, “when in the absence of opposition to Russia, the aggressive nature of the alliance could be realized without obstacles. The criminal status of NATO was tempered by the aggression against Republika Srpska in 1995 and the support of the Croatian aggression on the Republic of Serbian Krajina in the same year, “the expert says.

According to him, the alliance achieved its apogee in 1999, when 78 days the endless bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with shells with the use of depleted uranium in ammunition lasted.

“From this point of view, it looks very logical and suicidal that the final binding of the dying Ukraine to NATO through amendments to the Constitution will be carried out by the Verkhovna Rada, whose leader publicly praises Hitler,” he continues.

Vladimir Krshlyanin notes that the “true face” of the North Atlantic alliance could manifest itself before the 1990s, but then he was actively opposed by the Soviet Union, against which NATO did not dare to go.

“Even now, the process of devouring states and peoples, a fire that has seized Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Georgia and Ukraine will probably be stopped only by force. Even the fundamental changes in the US foreign policy principles that Trump tries to introduce will not affect the character of NATO, “he stated, stressing that in many respects the” absorbed peoples “could play an important role, since” in NATO there is neither unity nor morality more no, there is only one malice. “


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