More war crimes of Kiev forces

26 February

More war crimes of Kiev forces

Representatives of the DPR called the shelling of sanitary car the war crime.

DPR Defence Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic considers the shelling of sanitary car to be war crime. It was announced about this on February 23. And the DPR calls OSCE, International Committee of Red Cross and UN representatives not to leave it with no attention.

Remember Kiev military units shot sanitary car that was called to evacuate wounded DPR soldier close to Dokuchaevsk. Three people perished, said DPR Deputy Command-In-Chief Eduard Basurin.

‘Sanitary car was cynically targeted by the antitank missile. Car with signs of Red Cross was struck, three people, including militaryman perished.

It was specified that 93rd separate brigade of AFU carried out mortar shelling of 120mm caliber at the positions of the DPR, in time f the shelling one DPR soldier got wounded. JCCC asked medical institution to evacuate militaryman with wound, Ukrainian side agreed through the OSCE, however, they started shelling.


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