The most horrible shelling of the DPR in 2016, Elenovka, Makeevka

15 August

The most horrible shelling of the DPR in 2016, Elenovka, Makeevka

The war unleashed by Kiev  has been here the third year.

How much blood spilt, how much suffering experienced by ordinary people, children … Resistance began in the spring of 2014, much effort was spent on the liberation of the occupied territories of Ukrainian insurgents; the same airport, DebaltsevoHorlovka suburbs and the  enemy was very close to the capital of the republic in summer 2014. Now the armed forces of the DPR and the earlies simple militia: someone’s sons, fathers, husbands and brothers of his own life at the expense of the enemy was removed and not allowed to go to Donetsk, and take a strategic height as Saur-Tomb.


The worst shelling in 2016 were the shelling of the checkpoint Elenovka in April 27 and Makeevka in October 27.

AFU started shelling the settlement Elenovka in early morning 27 April, at 2.30. Kiev troops targeted civil cars, owners of which waited for the sunrise to cross the border to go to Ukraine to their relatives.

As a result of the shelling, pregnant woman perished, her husband and 2 more civil men perished. About 10 civilians including a child got wounds.

Ukrainian side knew that civilians waited for the opening of the checkpoint, and they purposefully targeted them. In connection with this, the head of the DPR Aleksandr Zaharchenko made a statement, having blamed Ukraine to be a terrorist state.




Makeevka subjected to regular severe artillery shelling on the 27th October 2016. As a result of which 2 civil men perished. One of them was the top doctor of the hospital for MIA who had 3 children; the next one was father of wounded Sonya Sadykova Nikolay Sadyko who protected his daughter and wife with his life.

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