Nothern Korea launched several missiles

26 August

Nothern Korea launched several missiles

South Korean military registered the launch of several short-range missiles from the North Korean province of Kangwon-do on Saturday, Yonghap news agency said.

Earlier reports spoke about the launch of just one missile.

Yonghap said the missiles were fired at around 06:49 Korean Standard Time (UTC + 9 hrs). Some of the missiles covered a distance of over 250 km heading northeastwards.

The situation on the Korean peninsula remains extremely tense against the background of Pyongyang’s efforts to press forward with its missile and nuclear programs.

North Korea held two tests of its ballistic missiles in July causing an acute reaction on the part of the U.S.

The Trump Administration officials have said more than once they do not rule out any options of a response to the test, including the military one.



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