One more SBU spy was detained in Donetsk

12 December

One more SBU spy was detained in Donetsk

Workers of the DPR State Security Ministry revealed and detained the agent of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine). He worked in the sphere of passenger transportation.

Romanchenko Valeriywas made to be a spy because he tried to give bribe at the Ukrainian checkpoint.

He agreed under the pressure to do spy tasks.

Particularly, the spy took photos and videos of military objects of the DPR Forces.

Married couple was detained in Donetsk on December 8, 2017 for the espionage for SBU. It was announced in the press-service of the Ministry of the State Security of the Republic.

‘Ministry of the state security of the Donetsk People’s Republic detained married couple  from Donetsk: Kochmuradov Andrey Anatlievich and Lazareva Elena Victorovna for the espionage for Ukrainian special services’, it was said in the report.

DPR Ministry of State Security pointed out that Lazareva work in the neurosurgery of the Donetsk territorial medical center. She handed data on DPR militarymen to the SBU, and her husband worked in the Internet company and handed personal data to SBU.

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