Orban is criticizing way of administration by Merkel

30 July

Orban is criticizing way of administration by Merkel

Viktor Orbán made clear that his hard-hitting anti-mass migration policies were no less than what the people of Hungary were demanding of him on Friday, saying that if he adopted a more globalist position he’d be kicked out of office.
In an interview with German tabloid Bild, Orbán said: “…if I made a refugee policy like your chancellor, people would chase me out of office the same day”, according to a translation provided by Deutsche Welle.

The Hungarian leader — who was recently returned to power with a parliamentary super-majority — also made clear his view that dealing with the issue of mass migration was something the European Union had to work to stop, rather than only presenting plans seeking co-operation on redistributed migrants across EU member-states.

Orbán recommended the bloc work on projects that prevented migrants from leaving their home nations in the first place.

To achieve that, he said, emigration nations should undergo a process of modernisation, with focus placed on developing their economies and national administration — assisted by more successful European nations.

Speaking of the determination of his own electors to see their nation and culture protected — which extends to immediately dispatching even a popular political leader like himself if he failed to deliver — Orbán said: “The Hungarians have decided. They do not want immigration. Of course, women and children on our border receive help, but we do not accept immigrants for economic reasons”.

Orban Stands up to Merkel, Refuses to Take Migrants from Germany
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stood firm on mass migration during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin Thursday.His remarks on German chancellor Angela Merkel made clear reference to her 2015 slogan “we can do it”, which quickly became a catchphrase and coincided with Germany unilaterally declaring open borders on behalf of all European Union nations.

In the following years, millions of migrants walked, sailed, and rode to Europe, with many hundreds of thousands marching through Hungary on their way to high-welfare nations like Germany and Sweden.

Orbán has come down very firmly on the other side of the political fence to Merkel, constructing perimeter fences along his southern border and slashing illegal migrant arrivals.

Orban: ‘We Will Build a 21st Century Christian Democracy, Not Rebuild a Shipwrecked Liberal…
Viktor Orban has promised to create a new “21st-century Christian democracy” and make Hungary one of the top five countries in Europe to live and work.Breitbart London reported in January when Orbán dismissed multiculturalism as an “illusion”, calling the new arrivals to the continent “Muslim invaders”.

The Hungarian leader’s forthright comments have won him admirers as well as criticis worldwide, with U.S. President Donald Trump praising him as “a strong and brave person” in 2017.



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