22 November


Today, we, the people of Ukraine observe the situation that makes our blood freeze, in the first place due to the latest reforms that are horrible indeed. Especially, it is related to the field of medicine.

Uliana Suprun seems to be a rather strange manly woman and she is truly in charge of organizing death of local population. She deprived the entire population in Ukraine of their right to get the deserved medical assistance. She instructs us on how to sneeze and break wind in a right way. And she tries to convince us that we don’t need doctors at all and it is highly desirable to spend our free time sitting on cold –generating appliances or cooled things to prevent the cystitis. Undoubtedly, she is a mentally sick woman. People state that the doctors feel reluctant to come to a child with the temperature exceeding 39°.

Actually jobless parents are supposed to pay for the taxi that will take the doctor to a child. The people have no medical insurance and their low incomes approximately equivalent to 80-100USD and with a minimum pension of $65 make the people void and null. If one needs an operative treatment and has no funds for that, the person is definitely sentenced to death. Possibly, this is the provision of special Constitution unknown to us that is protected by the Guarantor. New reforms implemented in our country at the behest of the USA also include nonpayment of the salaries earned by the doctors and teachers.

People protest by blocking off the traffic. It looks like according to the special Constitution protected by the Guarantor the people in Ukraine have a right to work free of charge. We realize that this done to kill our education system and our medicine. It is the genocide, isn’t it? And this genocide is backed up by the so-called militant hub of the Universe, i.e. the USA that sends the weapons here to shoot down those that fail to support the New Order that allows the USA to establish control over the entire planet.

Therefore, Putin and Russia were announced to be the Aggressor on the one side and the colonizing America is claimed to be the democratic country on the other side and it is authorized to defend its corrupt democracy worldwide by killing people as it is done at the moment in Donbass. The Guarantor made us pay the war fees. It is very strange but this person is not interested in peace. We suspect that this is also a special provision of the Constitution protected by the Ukrainian Guarantor that travels to Europe to ask for money, because Donbass has not been liberated from local residents yet and the USA needs no people in the region.

The reason is easy-to- guess; the human beings interfere with doing gas business.

It not a secret that the USA considers Ukraine to be the colonized territory and the former makes special investments to our war–oriented economy that is actually subject to a total destruction and the so-called investments (mainly the weaponry) do that perfectly well.

We would like to know what American biolaboratories do here. Evidently, these are the sources for the outbreak of diseases in particular measles and parotidis and our land is contaminated with quickly reproducing microorganisms that are claimed be useful.

We wonder: “for whom”. We guess that this is also the provision of a special Constitution protected by the puppet Guarantor. To put it in one word the USA government and those who stand behind them hired the Guarantor to smash this country and exterminate the population.

Ukraine must keep that in mind. I would never shake him by the hand and I wonder why European leaders do that: Are they totally blind and deaf or possibly it is a real European value? In this case, we beg your pardon. In any case Russian values are dearer and closer to us.


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