Russian vodka to the USA

13 March

Russian vodka to the USA

Tatspirtprom, a major Russian vodka producer, plans to double its exports to the United States in 2018, the corporate press service on Monday. Shipments amounted to 13,000 daL last year, the press service said.

"We plan to double exports to the United States this year. These comprise the Russian Value vodka and from this year we start deliveries of the Tundra vodka, our flagship vodka product. Growth of exports to the United States is planned <…> in particular on account of broadening sales geography in the US," a press service representative said.

Tatspirtprom’s vodka is already sold in Texas, Illinois, Georgia, and Oklahoma. Vodka sales are planned to be launched in California and Florida this year.

Tatspirtprom is supplying its branded vodka to 17 countries, including China, Korea, Germany, and Japan. Company’s exports amounted to 100 daL of vodka as at 2017 year-end.



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