Sanctuary of Donbass remains undamaged in Staromihaylovka

15 August

Sanctuary of Donbass remains undamaged in Staromihaylovka

Village Staromihaylovka is in the north-west suburb of Donetsk and it is a part of the Kirovskiy district of Donetsk, this village subjected to shelling and attacks of Ukrainian armed formations since summer 2014 along with other villages in the suburbs of Donetsk.

Non village nearby the positions of UAF were not left without casualties among civilians and destroying. If to compare village Staromihaylovka with villages in the northern suburb of Donetsk as Octybrskiy, Spartak that were less lucky.


Since 2014 houses, shops, mine seriously destroyed, fortunately miners survived.

During horrible tank and mortar shelling many houses got damages,school, monuments at the local cemetery were destroyed, however, there was no such ability to look them properly because the territory is monitored by Kiev fighters whose positions are at the opposite side of the field in 9 storied building. The village was 8 months without power 8 months. We can only guess how people with small children lived in such conditions.

We have to point out that there is cathedral in Staromihaylovka named Saint-Pokrov that was built more than 100 years ago, it celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2011 when the village Staromihaylovka and Donetsk and entire Donbass could not even imagine such war unleashed by Kiev against civilians in Donbass.

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