Small boy of Donbass got fatal wound on Independence Day of Ukraine

24 August

Small boy of Donbass got fatal wound on Independence Day of Ukraine

Small town of miners Kirovskoe cannot forgive and forget to Ukraine summer 2014. Dwellers still cry when remember it.

Sasha, Danil and Uliayana were great friends.

They played together and helped to their mother. Danil was very tender and kind child. He loved animals. He tried to be like his older brother Sasha. Even in bombshelter they did not hang their head and tried to support their mother.

´He was cheerful, happy child. We had common family…He was an average child. He loves everything, he love me. He ran everywhere, he was not quite. He could not without caress, he liked when he was hugged, kissed. He could be offended if he was not hugged. I asked older son who he would like to be.  He answered ‘I’d like to be an athlete. Danya heard and he said that he’d like to be a director of University’, mother of children told to the Commission n Fixation of Military Crimes.

However, all their plans and dreams, and funny childhood were crossed by the war.

One day life in Kirovskoe changed, war came. War against them, average civilians. Mines, shells, missiles, all them landed on roofs f populated houses, schools, hospitals, nurseries. Citizens of Kirovske cannot say which day was the most terrible. Since the beginning of battles, town Kirovskoe was subjected to the constant shelling, days, weeks and months became one horror for people.

Many people perished, many got wounds, and were left without homes. Many days the town was subjected to artillery shelling. Aged people, women and children were buried every day.

´A shell landed in 50 cm to the children playground´, mother said

On the 24th August 2016 was Sasha’s 7th Birthday. Their family spent the entire week in bombshelter before his Birthday, however, it was quite on the 24th August, and naïve dwellers f the town decided that they could relax as troops that came to destroy their mothertown had the holiday.

‘At about 5 pm my daughter Uliyana fell asleep. And my mother offered to go out to the street with children in order they to have fresh air. They went out and about 15 minutes passed when I heard very loud explosion and how windows fell down. There was a smell of talk, I could nothing to see. I laid on my daughter to protect her’, mother of the children told about the tragic Independence Day of Ukraine for their town and their family.

‘My eyes were shut down immediately, and I was pulled away’, Sasha Lutsenko said.

‘About 30 seconds passed and I heard very loud scream of my mother ‘Sasha’, I took my daughter and I ran to the street, when I got the first floor, I met my neighbour and she stood with my younger son Danil, and it was visible that he could not stand. I gave my daughter to my neighbour, he took her to safer place in the house, and I ran t the hospital with Danil. He started shrinking into himself; I tried to wake him up on the way to the hospital. I saw that he had a wound in his back. When we reached hospital, men who stayed near it took Danil, and I was to return back for my older son. Fragments damaged gas pipe and we were to evacuate. My older son broke his leg, and militiamen made handborrow from destroyed balcony. And they made cast for his leg’, mother told in details horror f that shelling.

Sasha got numerous fragmental wounds of the entire body. Later his was operated in Rostov, and part f the fragments were removed.

Danya had 2 very difficult surgeries in the Donetsk hospital named after Kalinin. His spinal cord was seriously hurt. Doctors could not even to remove 1 fragment, it stuck between spinal and abdominal space, cerebrum got infection later, he stopped eating, and he fell into a come. On the 6th October 2014 Danil died.

Translated by Nataliya Sinzavskaya

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