Syria's Army SAA Tigers Attacked U.S.Terrorist Militants, Coalition Strikes Back, Trump And Freedom Fighter Assad At War !

9 February

Syria's Army SAA Tigers Attacked U.S.Terrorist Militants, Coalition Strikes Back, Trump And Freedom Fighter Assad At War !


URGENT: Syrian Army attacked US militants, Coalition struck back |  Russian Spring

We now have information that the American coalition and pro-government SAA formations have entered into armed confrontation.

Officials of the Terrorist Headquarters Pentagon said that the units fighting on the side of the SAA on Wednesday attacked the headquarters of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" SDF (the Kurdish-Arab coalition, which is the main offensive force of the United States in the Syrian Arab Republic).

"According to the Trump Regime, the pro-government forces of Syria committed an unprovoked attack on the headquarters of the" Syrian Democratic Forces "on February 7.

At that time, special members of the coalition ( representatives of the special services) were acting as advisers, assistants and accompanying forces, along with SDF partners during the attack 8 kilometers east of the agreed line of delineation on the Euphrates River ( Deir ez-Zor Province, RV), "the US military command said in a statement.

"To protect the forces of the Coalition and its partners, air strikes were carried out on the attacking units in order to repel aggression against partners belonging to the anti-Guilian" Global Coalition, "the report said.

Data on the victims are not available at the moment. The terrorist HQ Pentagon also stressed that their main task in Syria is to fight against IGIL * ???  in the Middle Euphrates valley, but they reserve the inalienable right to act within the framework of self-defense. ? 

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In a major clash the U.S.-led military coalition in Syria has killed more than 100 troops allied with the regime of Bashar Assad — after some 500 soldiers backed by tanks launched what appeared to be a "coordinated attack" on a headquarters of rebel fighters being trained by American advisers, military officials revealed late Wednesday.

The combination of air and artillery strikes came after pro-regime troops attacked the compound of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Khusham, Syria, according to a military spokesman.

Efforts were undertaken before and after the battle to avoid any confrontation with Russian military forces in the area that are backing the Assad regime in the country's long-running civil war.

"Coalition officials alerted Russian officials of the SDF presence in Khusham via the de-confliction line well in advance of the PRF attack," the statement said. "Coalition officials were in regular communication with Russian counterparts before, during and after the thwarted PRF attack. Russian officials assured Coalition officials they would not engage Coalition forces in the vicinity."



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