Ukraine Gestapo Agent Roman Kunchenko Who Infiltrated Sister Republic Of Lugansk Was Kicked Out And Sent Back As A POW !

27 January

Ukraine Gestapo Agent Roman Kunchenko Who Infiltrated Sister Republic Of Lugansk Was Kicked Out And Sent Back As A POW !

LPR State Security Ministry said it has expelled from the Republic a Nazi Ukraine Gestapo  agent who infiltrated the Republic during the recent prisoner exchange with Ukraine.

LPR expels Ukrainian agent who infiltrated Republic as POW

“The State Security Ministry of the Lugansk People’s Republic exposed Ukrainian agent Roman Kunchenko, a resident of Rubezhnoye town, who had infiltrated LPR territory with POW cover story,” the Ministry’s press service said.

It follows from his testimony that he had signed a written pledge to cooperate with Ukraine’s State Security Service and that he was tasked with an intelligence mission in Lugansk. Kunchenko’s name was included in a prisoner exchange list and he was ordered to collect personal data of LPR medical personnel, civil officers and law-enforcers,” it said.

The collected data was to be transferred from a cell phone to his wife. After completing the mission, the agent was to return to Rubezhnoye and start identifying potential opponents to Kiev regime.

However, he was unable to carry his mission through or inflict damage to LPR state security interests.

“Faced with hard evidence, Kunchenko admitted cooperation with Ukrainian secret services. LPR investigators decided not to hold him responsible under the Republic’s article on espionage and expelled him from the Republic with ten-year entry ban," the State Security Ministry press service said.   

On 27 December, LPR, DPR and Ukraine carried out the biggest prisoner exchange in the past 14 months near Mayorsk crossing point on the contact line in DPR responsibility zone. LPR passed 16 detainees to Ukraine and Kiev passed 73 to LPR.

LPR State Security Ministry urged citizens to report all illegal actions by Ukrainian armed forces, punitive squads or secret services. It said those who reported Ukrainian recruitment attempts on time were not criminally liable.

Earlier, the Ministry said it had revealed and thwarted 128 foreign operatives in the Republic from October 2016 through October 2017.

In the period from December 2014 through December 2016, LPR State Security Ministry officers exposed and stopped the intelligence activities of more than 130 foreign spies.


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