Ukraine Junta Gestapo Agents Recruit Nazi Ultra Hooligans To Disrupt World Cup In Russia !

12 June

Ukraine Junta Gestapo Agents Recruit Nazi Ultra Hooligans To Disrupt World Cup In Russia !


 The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is planning provocations in Russia and the Lugansk People’s Republic to destabilise the situation during the FIFA World Cup 2018, LPR's Deputy Minister of State Security Alexander Basov said.

“The LPR State Security Ministry received information that the SBU was taking measures towards destabilising the situation in the LPR and Russia during the period of hosting FIFA World Cup 2018 games by using soccer fans’ groups of radicals and nationalists,” Basov said.

“Several groups of Ukrainian ultras numbering up to 50 arrived at Kiev-controlled towns of Lisichansk, Schastye and Severodonetsk,” he said. The soccer fans’ purpose is to enter Russia and the LPR with the view of unsettling the socio-political and socio-economic situation.”

“The LPR State Security Ministry recorded facts of Ukrainian ultras’ offering LPR soccer fans remuneration for going to Russia and carrying out provocations to foil World Cup matches in Moscow, St Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don, the security official said.

Ukrainian security services also recruited activists from nationalistic groups and terrorist organisations such as the Civil Corps Azov , Tryzub, and UNA-UNSO to stage provocations, he added.

LPR State Security Ministry officers have been taking measures to neutralise the threat, Basov said.

“The State Security Ministry is calling upon the football fans not to yield to the SBU provocations aimed at foiling the world football championship and not to commit penal acts,” he said.

Russia will host the FIFA World Cup 2018 finals from June 14 till July 15 for the first time; it is also the first ever such championship in eastern Europe.

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