Ukraine Junta Military Units Are Now Forming A Blockade Against Poroshenko's Tycoon Businesses, Conflict Now Between The Army Of Ukraine And The Poroshenko Regime,"Fate of Ceausescu" (VIDEO)

29 October

Ukraine Junta Military Units Are Now Forming A Blockade Against Poroshenko's Tycoon Businesses, Conflict Now Between The Army Of Ukraine And The Poroshenko Regime,"Fate of Ceausescu" (VIDEO)

(VIDEO) Ukraine Junta Frontline militants ATO announced the beginning of the blockade of Poroshenko's businesses ! 

ATO militants threatened Poroshenko with the "fate of Ceausescu", And Storming Of The Parliament ! 

 ATO veterans" today in Kiev in front of the Verkhovna Rada announced the beginning of the blocking of the business of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko !

Deputy Yegor Sobolev, who introduced himself as a "rear rats", told the audience about how it will pass.

"The lads made a sensible decision that no one will suffer, no one will be attacked. But next to the logistics center of Roshen, a team of veterans of the war for independence is already encamped. They will not miss the trucks that enrich the president, which is prohibited by the Constitution, but remains its main goal, "Sobolev said.

In addition, he said, at the Roshen store in Vinnitsa a group of people will urge citizens not to buy chocolates and sweets, because "all this money goes to enrich the president at the time when we need a supreme commander-in-chief."

The third group is organizing a "liberation camp" in Lutsk.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Semen Semenchenko and ex-battalion of the National "Donbass" called on all citizens of Ukraine to self-organization.

"We are starting to form our units in Ukraine. We call on those who can not come here, block this business on the ground. We must force the president to remember why he was elected, "said Semenchenko.

The decision to start the block was made, as Poroshenko did not react to the ultimatum of the "veterans" announced last weekend. They demanded that the president introduce laws on impeachment and corruption courts during the working week. Otherwise, ATO militants threatened Poroshenko with the "fate of Ceausescu".

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On Saturday, October 28, Activists of the Liberation Movement (Rukh Vysvozlennya) started a preventive blockade of several Roshen premises, urging Ukrainian President Poroshenko to engage in the state, not his own business, Tass reports.

Veterans of ATO and members of nationalist groups began to block the Roshen factory in Vinnitsa and the logistics center of the company in the Kiev region.

On the page of the movement in  Facebook was published an appeal of the initiators of the blockade against the Ukrainians.

"We are soldiers and officers of volunteer battalions, the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.We returned from the front and see around the lawlessness, theft and deception.When we went to defend the state, its leadership promised to bring to justice the thieves and murderers from the previous President's team. we see that the President chosen by reflection of Putin's attacks united with thieves and murderers, and is enriched with them, "the radicals said.

Reminding about the demand of protesters in Kiev about impeachment to the president, they called on Poroshenko to take up the country. "The president should choose - engage in either the state or business," the statement stresses.

A deputy from "Self-help", ex-commander of the national battalion "Donbass" Semenchenko supported the activists and promised that they would block not only Roshen, but the rest of Poroshenko's business: transport, agrarian, insurance companies and media.

"Other cities will also have [shares.] It is planned to make public the entire list, and gradually the members of the Liberation Movement plan to do this across the country," said Semenchenko.

October 15, the participants of the rally, held under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, called on the Nazi battalion "Donbass" to desert from the front line and join the protests in Kiev

Earlier, the Ukrainian deputy and former commander of the Donbass Semenchenko said that 500 experienced "veterans of the ATU" are enough to  overthrow the current president of the country Poroshenko.

Recall,  "veterans of ATO" took responsibility for the continuation of the protest in Kiev.  Recall also that in the protest, which has lasted for several days in Kiev  , "veterans" and fighters "ATO" are taking part . Earlier, one of the fighters of "ATO" said that  the protesters did not intend to miss the possibility of storming the Rada.

Blockade Against Poroshenko's Businesses

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