US understands that sanctions against Russia do not work

30 July

US understands that sanctions against Russia do not work

Leading US Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican, representing South Carolina) stated on Sunday in an interview with the Fox News channel that the restrictive measures currently used by the US against Russia do not work, and called for introducing extra sanctions against Moscow.

In reply to the question about whether he supports introducing additional sanctions against Russia, Graham said: "A hundred percent. I will give President Trump credit for being tougher on Russia than Obama. That is, without a doubt, clear. You know, arming the Ukraine, expelling diplomats, imposing sanctions tougher than Obama did. But it’s not working, they’re still trying to interfere in our election."

The lawmaker pointed out that on Friday, US President Donald Trump met with the US National Security Council, ordering them "to harden our [the US’] electoral infrastructure against Russia and other actors for the 2018 election."

Graham was also pleased with US State Secretary Mike Pompeo’s statement, in which he supported toughening the sanctions against Russia. The senator added that he is planning to introduce a new set of sanctions in Congress. "I’m going to come out with sanctions from hell on Russia, because what we’re doing is not working," he concluded.



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