USA reminded to Rada to increase gas prices

25 August

USA reminded to Rada to increase gas prices

 John Bolton and American ambassador held a meeting with the heads of four from six fractions of the Parliament.

Meeting took place yesterday, on August 24 after the parade dedicated to the Independence Day. John Bolton, Mari Iovanovitch and fractions of the Rada were there.

Particularly, Yuliya Timoshenko from Batkivschina (Motherland), Maxim Burbak from People’s Front, Yuriy Boyko from Opposition Block and Artur Gerasimov from BPP were there. Radicals and representatives of Samopomosch did not come.

The main question was increasing of gas prices and representatives expressed opinions on Donbass war. It turned out that they waited results from meetings of Surkov with Volker.




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