War through the eyes of Donbass children

15 August

War through the eyes of Donbass children

Remember that we have already talked about this family that is living on Trudovskie. Oxana with her daughters aged of 2 and 4, 2 brothers and mother did not leave the house even for a day. More than 2 years they have been living under the shelling. They were at home when the war came. They consider the most horrible day the 3rd August when artillery shelling started and Ukrainian side started using MRLS Grad against civilians.

On the 20th October, journalist of Novorossia today with Novorossia TV and Commission on Military Crimes of Ukraine visited the family after regular shelling by Kiev troops. They asked about current events and delivered warm clothes and shoes for adults, toes for children. The most awful is that children do not know what I peace, they were born in time of the war, or they were very small when it started and now they are afraid for their mothers, for their smaller sisters and brothers, horror is in their eyes, and despite all this, they are children and they want to play and have fun! We have to make everything to defend our children and to let them have childhood!

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