Washington and Kiev Plan to Invade Donbass in Preparation for War with Russia

8 October

Washington and Kiev Plan to Invade Donbass in Preparation for War with Russia

Former Ukrainian Military Officer confirmed that "The US wants to help Ukraine by killing the people of Donbass with US-made weapons and destroying the country's economy," which comes in US - European attempts to escalate the Ukrainian crisis to face Russia.

The officer, who preferred to stay anonymous, in a exclusive statement to UNews Press Agency said that between the years 2017 and 2018, the US military has sold thousands of weapons and arms to its Ukrainian counterpart, among them were heavy artillery, machine guns, rocket launchers, and other weapons' arsenal with millions of dollars. 

He mentioned that the weapons were transferred by air from Croatia on the 27th of August in 2018.

The officer also mentioned that in November 2016, Ukrainian state-owned Spets techno export and the American company AirTronic USA signed the contract STE-1-123-K / KI-16 for the delivery to Ukraine of the PSRL-1 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers that have just been mastered by the US version of the Soviet anti-tank RPG-7 hand grenade launcher.

The first 100 PSRL-1 worth $ 554,575 was delivered on April 8, 2017. Another 400 pieces were delivered on October 26, 2017.




While media sources have said that the current US administration is dealing with Ukraine as if it's a member of NATO, where it has donated two warships to Ukraine on the 27th of September, to be used in any probable war with its neighbor to the east, Russia.

A media source in Donbass has told UNews that "although there's a truce and the Minsk agreement, the shelling on Mariupol (South of Donbass) is on-going."

The war in Donbass is an armed conflict that started in March 2014, where several protests erupted in Donetsk and Luhansk against the ruling government.

The military campaign against both provinces led to the death of tens of thousands of civilians and armed personnel, as well as the displacement of thousands.

Another source said that "on September the 29th, Donetsk was shelled more than 300 times with disregard to the cease-fire agreement between both sides of the conflict."

It also pointed out that the US government is working to "provoke Russia and its allies, as it now threatens with a naval blockade on Russia. These two warships in Ukraine will be handy in doing so," stating the probability of a Ukrainian military invasion against Donbass where the US will use it as a pretext to support its "NATO ally."


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