17 October


We Are All Now Motorola ~   By Zak Novak  ~ This Was Written By Me Last Year At This Time, A Feeling Of Anguish Still In My Heart  ~ 

I Woke up early feeling numb, rubbing my eyes and staring out the window. A quiet morning, with no one around. Opening my laptop I had posted a few articles for “Novorossia Today” at the press center . I stopped for a moment realising a feeling of emptiness, an empty void . I also strongly believe that it wasn’t only me but the world itself was not the same. Something, someone was taken away from us. I also believe that everyone had woken up that same day with a feeling of emptiness as well, stopping for a moment realizing someone was gone, that sparkle, that light, something that was good and pure, that someone special in our hearts , simply gone. There is also a strong feeling of guilt. We are all guilty today ! 

     I finally gathered myself leaving the office, a mild Sun lit morning  with a slight chill. There are no thoughts , it’s strange, but my mind and body are in motion taking me to see that special someone, that special something , that beaming light! It’s as if i was controlled, my heart and soul looking to fill that emptiness, looking and wanting to fill that void inside me, inside us all . 

I arrive at “The Opera” a white mist around me, thousands upon thousands of lost souls arriving, gathering, everyone looking to fill that empty void in their soul ~  But there is bitterness, anger with sorrow . I enter this great white hall, music floating with soft melodies and royal guards in colorful uniforms standing at attention . I turn, and there, a casket ! A casket draped with his banner in Black, Yellow And Red ” SPARTA” the proud and brave Men and Women of his legion ! My body trembling, standing in front of him, his casket, his face still firm, strong, Sparta,, it is Motorola ! I start to lose control, tears start to run down my face as i see his wife, his Queen, her arms around him with deep pain ~   

         I as well, feeling the pain but with anger and guilt ! We are all guilty today ! We are all guilty for not protecting him as he protected us ! He, Motorola protected our two young republics, protected our children, the young and old, defended our Republics Donetsk And Lugansk against the evil empires of the west ! With his legion, and the great armies of the Republics, they stood up against fascist forces , against terrorist nations which include the Obama regime, The EU, and terrorist organization NATO, who have supplied deadly weapons to the Ukraine Nazi Junta and it’s Coup leader , the madman Poroshenko , who have committed war crimes, atrocities of the worst kind by bombing our civilian areas , bombing our schools, hospitals and civilian infrastructure, with no remorse, but with cowardly and ruthless behaviour !  Yet, they, the terrorist nations of the west have the audacity to call him” Motorola” a terrorist, a criminal, a murderer !  It’s easy to attack and slander from these whore nations with their big business media and hype, their Third Reich style propaganda who have done nothing but murder, kill and destroy, war upon war throughout their own history ! They have always attacked  those true heroes who stood up to them, attacked those who fought for freedom, those who fought to free the oppressed ! These corrupt and evil empires have done nothing but destroyed nations upon nations, killing millions and with their pen and media cameras they spit out vile lies about our hero ” Motorola ” ! As a young child and till to this day, i have several heroes that i carry with me in my soul and heart and  one is George Washington, first President of the United States, who was dearly loved, a freedom fighter who fought the English crown, fought against the English tyranny and who was English himself ! A two time leader of America and could have been the first Royal King of the nation but turned it down ! In all history books of the English Empire, General George Washington is considered a traitor and a terrorist ! Is he ? In America, my country of birth, he is considered the greatest hero, the Father Our Country !! So you tell me NATO, Obama, the EU, Nazi Ukraine and England, how is it possible that ” Motorola ” is a terrorist ! How is he a criminal when 95 percent of the population have returned to their homes of the great Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk ! Children going to school, the young and old enjoying their daily lives , communities growing stronger with businesses and infrastructure of all kinds !  It is thanks to him, a true freedom fighter , it is thanks to him and his legion and the armies of the Republics who have defended with honor , and courage as did the great George Washington, defeating and wiping out tyranny, standing up to the cruel nazi regime of kiev and NATO, winning battle after battle and defending his people ! 

  There is emptiness inside of us, and we will feel this for some time ! Yes we feel guilty because we did not protect him like he protected us ! Yes he might be gone from us, but again, we are stronger now more than ever ! We are his legion, WE ARE NOW ALL MOTOROLA ! 


Written By Zak Novak ~   All Photos By Zak Novak ~  Cover Photo By Dima ~ 

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