Year ago Russian nurses perished under the shelling in Aleppo

5 December

Year ago Russian nurses perished under the shelling in Aleppo

A memorial plaque to honor two Russian nurses who lost their lives in Syria’s Aleppo a year ago has been unveiled in the Jewish Autonomous Region, in the Russian Far East, the Eastern Military District’s press service said on Tuesday.

The memorial sign adorns the building of a college in Birobidzhan, where the nurses had studied before setting off on their mission to Syria. Representatives from the region’s public organizations and colleagues attended the ceremony.

"After the memorial plaque was unveiled, the colleagues and friends of Nadezhda and Galina, and also local citizens attended a funeral service in the Annunciation Cathedral for the young women who died heroically," the press service said.

Two Russian nurses, Galina Mikhailova and Galina Durachenko, were killed in Syria on December 5, 2016 during when terrorists shelled a Russian makeshift hospital in Aleppo. They were young women under 40 and had children at home. Vadim Arsentyev, a pediatrician, was severely wounded in the attack. Local citizens who visited the hospital were also wounded.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to award the Order of Courage to the nurses posthumously and also to Vadim Arsentyev.



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