Rally-requiem dedicated to the tragedy in Bosse (Donetsk) VIDEO

24 January

Rally-requiem dedicated to the tragedy in Bosse (Donetsk) VIDEO

Two years ago at 8.35 punitives of Ukrainian armed forces shelled public transport stop Plant Dongormash.

Suspected the shelling carried out from artillery, OSCE released that day a reported where it was said that most likely either a mortar or an artillery peace was used and north-western direction where Ukrainian positions are.

The head of the DPR Aleksandr Zaharchenko said yesterday that we will return back to the version of artillery shelling. He added that Crimes committed by Ukrainian military units will be always in our memory, in memory of Donbass people.

As a result of direct struck, trolleybus 17 got damages. 8 people perished and 26 got wounds.

On the 22nd January 2017, about 3 thousand people gathered at the rally-requiem to pay tribute to perished people in Bosse.

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