With A Reckless Push By U.S. Regime Officials Sending Ukraine Junta Toy Soldiers To Their Death And Indiscriminate Bombing Of Civilians Areas Of Donetsk Republic Ordered By McCaine !

7 January

With A Reckless Push By U.S. Regime Officials Sending Ukraine Junta Toy Soldiers To Their Death And Indiscriminate Bombing Of Civilians Areas Of Donetsk Republic Ordered By McCaine !

(Military Situation Report/Video From High Command Col. Basurin) Good afternoon! Last week, from December 31 to January 6, the units DPR Army continued activities on individual military training of the DPR People’s Army personnel and combat duty on the positions.


The situation on the contact line in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense. In spite of the agreements on the ceasefire, during the past week the NaziUkrainian military continued to shell the DPR People’s Army positions and the localities of the Republic, actively using heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

The total number of bombardments over the past week amounted to 3,365 times, including 804 cases of opening fire on the territory of the Republic with artillery, tanks and mortars.

There were shelled 15 localities of the Republic from the positions of the Ukrainian criminals Shaptala, Matseyko, Nikolyuk, Sokolov and Delyatitsky.

There were damaged 6 households in the localities Zaytsevo, Sakhanka and Trudovskiye.

Over the mentioned period, there was recorded the work of 9 UAVs of the enemy in the Donetsk and Mariupol directions.

There were detected new objects of the Nazi Ukraine Army (AFU) to be destroyed by our units, in case of the enemy going on offensive:

  • In the Gorlovka direction: one battery of 152mm motorized artillery systems «Akatsia», one battery of MLRS «Grad», one battery of 122mm motorized artillery systems D-30, two tanks platoons and two sniper companies;
  • In the Donetsk direction: one platoon of MLRS «Uragan», one platoon of 122mm motorized artillery systems «Gvozdika», two tanks companies and two companies of infantry fighting vehicles;
  • In the Mariupol direction: one battery of 152mm motorized artillery systems «Akatsia», one battery of 122mm motorized artillery systems D-30, one platoon of motorized artillery systems «Gvozdika», two tank platoons and one 120mm mortar platoon.

Over the past week, the OSCE SMM representatives documented the absence of 236 pieces of heavy weapons at the storage sites, including:

  • 6 MLRS «Uragan»;
  • 4 MLRS «Grad»;
  • 51 122 and 152mm motorized artillery systems;
  • 18 howitzers «Msta-B»;
  • 35 120mm mortars «Sani»;
  • 14 82mm mortars;
  • 6 infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 39 anti-tank cannons MT-12 «Rapira»;
  • 46 tanks;
  • 10 85mm anti-tank cannons D-48;
  • 4 anti-aircraft missile complexes «Strela-10»;
  • 3 152mm howitzers D-20.

Our intelligence continues to record non-combat losses in the Ukrainian Junta troops. In particular, over the past week, during the New Year’s celebrations, in the Ukrainian Nazi units were noted facts of firing in a state of alcoholic intoxication. As a result of gross violations of safety measures, such fireworks had serious consequences, including three soldiers killed and four injured in the AFU units.

The past week was marked by a number of foreign delegations visits to Donbass and tough statements made on the occasion. In particular, on January 1st, the US Senator John McCain, during his visit to Mariupol, said that he would apply for Ukraine to be provided with lethal weapons, and expressed hope for a forceful return of the territory of Donbass to Ukraine in 2017.

The Ukrainian politicians repeat their American patrons. The deputy Minister for the so-called in Ukraine temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, Tuka said that Donbass would be forced to return to Ukraine in maximum a year and a half.

In the context of such statements, there is a growing number of attacks and armed provocations on the contact line. In particular, over the past week, occurred provocations on the part of Nazi Ukrainian subversive groups near the locality of Vodyanoye. By its actions, the enemy tried to infiltrate our territory and seize position favorable for them. Owing to the vigilance of our units, the outset of the Nazi Ukraine Units AFU subversive group was promptly discovered, and the seizure of the DPR People’s Army positions was prevented. On January 5, the enemy shelled the locality of Zatsevo, which resulted in two houses destroyed. In addition, the AFU forefront groups do not leave attempts to advance their positions in the area of the Donetsk filtration plant, which is a flagrant violation of all the agreements.

Even the arrival of the new OSCE Chairman, Sebastian Kurz, in Mariupol and his work in this area from 3 to 4 January, did not affect the committing of these crimes. Thus, the Ukraine Junta  demonstrates to the world community and confirms its aggressive attitude to resolving the conflict.

I would like to mention hypocritical publications of the false Ukrainian Junta media about allegedly occurred mockery by the DPR soldiers over the body of a killer of the 72nd brigade of the AFU, liquidated on December 28.

I officially declare that our soldiers evacuated this body under the shelling, risking their lives, and, as a gesture of goodwill, gave it to Ukrainian volunteer organizations, I repeat, voluntary organizations, as the AFU command had not taken any attempt to pick up the body of the «future hero». I would also like to add that true commanders and officers do not give up on their heroes on the battlefield.

The statement of the Nazi Defense Minister of Ukraine, Poltorak, in which he voiced the amount of military equipment located in Donbass, sounds at least unprofessional. According to him, the number of MLRS exceeds 300, and the number of tanks amounts 600. For the information of the Nazi Defense Ministry of Ukraine, these numbers correspond a complete tank army, which could simply bulldoze the whole of Ukraine, without making a single round at that. One can only sympathize with the Ukrainian military command, whose secret services and military reconnaissance work so poorly and unprofessionally. The figures taken by Kiev from the air are intended to intimidate the Ukrainians, have an impact on the Ukrainian and world public opinion in order to justify the systematic large-scale non-combat losses of the personnel of the Junta Armed Forces of Ukraine, which exceed the declared losses by the enemy’s fire, and beg for further material support to continue the civil war.

The unwillingness of the Ukrainian Junta authorities to fulfill the Minsk Agreements leads to the fact that the AFU artificially aggravate the situation along the contact line, showing the international community that a political dialogue to resolve the conflict in Donbass is not possible.

In our turn, our units fully comply with the requirements of the Minsk Agreements. However, in the event of the outbreak of an armed aggression by the AFU command, we are ready to give a fitting rebuff to the enemy and to protect our young Republic.

Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Donetsk,Colonel Eduard Basurin


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