States in USA are now openly defying USA Federal Government

12 February

States in USA are now openly defying USA Federal Government

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by Stan Vaughan

The State of Alabama, also known as 'The Heart of Dixie' and where its state capital of Montgomery was once the capital of the Confederate States of America, is in open defiance of Federal court orders and is refusing to issue gay marriage licenses. The State's chief justice Roy Moore, has ordered its county clerks to defy Federal orders and refuse to issue such licenses. Alabama, however, is not the only State that has said enough is enough and is openly defying Federal orders.

State legislatures in the US are considering more than 200 bills – including gun rights that would nullify or work around various federal laws and regulations crafted in Washington, according to a states’ rights advocacy group.

The 200-plus pieces of current legislation seeking to challenge or wrest control from the federal government mark a climate of both suspicion and empowerment.

“People are becoming more and more concerned about the overreach of the federal government. They feel the federal government is trying to do too much, it’s too big and it’s getting more and more in debt.”

While federal law ultimately supersedes state law – if enforcement power is exercised – the Tenth Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights, says that the federal government is limited to powers granted in the US Constitution.

For instance, a bill that would “block any future federal bans on firearms or magazines” passed the Montana state House on Monday. Montana’s bill is one of eleven nationwide that aim to counter federal gun control measures.

12 states are seeking to challenge federal surveillance authority vested in the likes of the National Security Agency, revealed in June 2013 to be operating a global spying regime to advance American domestic and foreign policy goals.

Opposition to the Washington DC Federal government is leading more and more States to start discussing secession. While Washington DC seeks to split Russia into perhaps 10 different parts, it appears that the USA may split apart first before they get the chance to achieve that.

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