Ukrainian authorities cover up terrible crimes of their volunteer battalions: testimony of a cop

10 March

Ukrainian authorities cover up terrible crimes of their volunteer battalions: testimony of a cop

Dmitriy Tsvetkov appealed to appointed by Kiev authorities Governor of the Donetsk Region  Hennadiy Moskal in Facebook (he says he’s got no other way of contacting the Governor). He wrote the following:

“Mr. Moskal,
Once you called commander of “Kiev-2” battalion Bohdan Voytsekhivskiy a coward, who does not obey the orders of the command. I consider my duty to add to it that Voytsekhovskiy turned a block-post in Volnovakha in his own business-project. Illicit trafficking, bribery, illegal detention, tortures, doctored records, embezzlement of donations and material aid, sale of staff positions in the battalion, and, to crown it all, the murder of a civilian, who had nothing to do with the separatism of the DPR, committed by battalion commander Voytsekhovskiy personally,  – this is the incomplete list of criminal activities of this person. I will give full description of the murder.

I am a trooper of “Kiev-2” battalion junior sergeant Tsvetkov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich. I want to inform you about the criminal offence of the commander of “Kiev-2” battalion, Major Bohdan Voytsekhivskiy, namely, about the willful murder of citizen Vladimir Nazdrychkin, registered at the address: the Donetsk Region, the Volnovakah District, locality Donskoye, 40 Let Pobedy Street, building No 18 apt 5.

On November 20, 2014 at about 19:00 Vladimir Nazdrychkin was delivered to the presises of “Kiev-2” battalion in the Volnovakha District at the former road police post “Bugas” together with his car, white VAZ 2106, plate number АН5641ЕТ. The cause of detention – Nazdrychkin was sleeping in his car in 300-m distance from check-point “Bugas” on the roadside of Mariupol-Donetsk highway.

Battalion commander Voytsekhivskiy B.А. and instructor in firearms training Kovalenko Ya.N. in turns beat up handcuffed Nazdrychkin in the premises of the check-point until the detained man died. Then Voytsekhivskiy, Kovalenko and Kryahz V.Ye. transported the body in Nissan car and dumped it not far from the victim's house. At the moment of detention Nazdrychkin had on him about 20 thousand rubles and 10 thousand Hryvnyas. The criminals stole this money.

Then, at about 2:30 PM the above mentioned VAZ car was blown up not far from the check-point “Bugas” in accordance with the order of battalion commander Voytsekhivskiy, as it came out eventually, in order to imitate an assault at the block-post.

Having collected all the data relevant to the committed crime, I asked for a meeting with Deputy Minister of the Interior Yekaterina Zguladze in written form in the beginning of January of  2015 in order to tell her the details of the above described crime in a personal conversation with her. I also registered the appropriate letter, addressed to the President, in the President’s Administration. The meetings never took place.

I realized that in case I appeal to the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office with an official letter, my life would be menaced. These fears were justified, when, instead of the personal meeting with Zguladze I received threats from the battalion commander and the workers of the Security Service of Ukraine, with whom he must be connected by criminal schemes. I had to leave the country and only after that I filled out an appeal to the General Prosecutor and also made public announcements in YouTube and media.

On 25.02.2015 I received a reply that the General Prosecutor’s Office re-addressed my appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Donetsk Region. I suspect that the appeal will be further sent to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Volnovakha District, which already has criminal case No1454 as of 22.11.2014, started on the grounds of the appeal of the victim’s relatives. The official case is not solved, the murdered is not found. I also know that the investigator of the Volnovakha District Police Office had watched my video appeal on You Tube, where I talk about Voytsekhivskiy’s involvement in the murder, but he had not enter it upon the record.

Thus, I can make a conclusion, that the System, in order to release Major Voytsekhivskiy from responsibility, is deliberately ignoring the facts I possess, and is not entering them upon the record.

I ask you to take under your personal control the implementation by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine its direct duties and not allow Major Voytsekhivskiy and his accomplices, guilty of the crime, escape criminal sanctions.

I am ready to answer any inquiries of the investigator either in written form or via video connection, submit all the evidence I have and the information about the directly involved persons and the witnesses of the above mentioned crime”.

Member of “Kiev-2” battalion
Junior sergeant Tsvetkov D.А.

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