Vultures yelping-Republic developing, Vladislav Breeg (VIDEO)

4 September

Vultures yelping-Republic developing, Vladislav Breeg (VIDEO)

Vladislav Breeg reported about ceasefire regime since 31 August 00.00 in Donbass, and about populated houses damaged in Yasinovataya by Kiev fighters.

People’s Council Deputy of the DPR said that Ukrainian side announces that talks with LDPR can last to 10 years. ‘We have densely-populated industrial strong region, and I think that negotiation will not last so long. However, it is obvious that they will be in 2017, because our Ukrainian “partners” do nothing, they say that they are waiting for elections in the USA’, Vladislav Breeg announced.

The deputy pointed out also that bad peace is better that a great war.

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