DPR People's Militia withdrew 41 tank and 84 APCs from the contact line (photo)

20 июля

DPR People's Militia withdrew 41 tank and 84 APCs from the contact line (photo)

Donetsk, July 19, the Donetsk News Agency

People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic today withdrew more than 40 tanks and over 80 APCs from the contact line, Deputy Commander of Corps of the MoD DPR Eduard Basurin told the journalists at a briefing.

"We withdrew 41 tank, and 84 armoured personnel carriers in the course of the day", — Deputy Commander of Corps said.

"Representatives of the OSCE special monitoring Mission and the Joint Center in Ceasefire Coordination and Control had been observing the process of military equipment withdrawal in the area of localities Novolaspa and Yelenovka today", — Basurin emphasized.

A day before the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics declared the start of withdrawal of tanks and APCs equipped with cannons of caliber up to 100 mm to the distance of no less than 3 km from the disengagement line. The DPR Army equipment will remain only at the positions to the north from Donetsk and Debaltsevo – on the most tense spots of the contact line.

The withdrawal of the equipment in question had been discussed in Minsk for a long period, nevertheless the agreement with Kiev had never been reached, and then the DPR and LPR decided to act unilaterally in the interests of the prompt settlement of the conflict.


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