Kiev Regime Have Lost All Morals, Heavy Weapons Hidden At Schools ! - DPR Intelligence

9 сентября

Kiev Regime Have Lost All Morals, Heavy Weapons Hidden At Schools ! - DPR Intelligence

Intelligence Dept, of the people's Republic of Donetsk revealed new evidence of heavy artillery placement by the Kiev Regime  near the contact/front line, including in the city of Mariupol. This was stated today by Deputy Commander of Defense Eduard DPR Basurin.

HEAVY ARTILLERY GUNS AT A SCHOOL :  "The DPR Intelligence found. d-30 howitzer 122 mm caliber (up to four units) in Mariupol (24 km to the boundary line) at the school No. 62 that blatantly cynical ignores all moral and ethical standards of the civilized world, "said Basurin.

In addition to the positions of military equipment , including self-propelled artillery installations, tanks and BMPs, discovered in slavyansk, as well as in the occupied territories of Maryino and Telmanovskiy areas. In particular, in Donetsk area between settlements of Antonovka Ilyinka southwest of Donetsk found eight units, including three gun 2s5 "Giatsint" calibre 152 mm.

Under a set of measures to implement the Minsk accords signed by the contact group February 12, heavy  caliber of 100 mm and above must be removed from each other at 50 km, MLRS — 70 km, MLRS tornado, hurricane, Tornado, as well as missiles "tochka" is at 140 km. The parties must withdraw their weapons at an equal distance, while Kiev — from the current line of contact, and DPR and LPR  at it's line fixed position ,  of the Minsk memorandum dated 19 September.

Subsequently, on 18 July, Donetsk and Lugansk Republic unilaterally  began withdrawal from the contact line , tanks and armored vehicles equipped with cannons in caliber up to 100 mm, at a distance of not less than 3 km away. But , DPR Guns will stay only on positions north of Donetsk and Debaltseve-the most intense sections of the line of contact. Such a move of Republic of Donbass did  show goodwill, and thereby boost the signing in Minsk of a large agreement on the withdrawal of weapons.

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