Let the entire world wait, OSCE has Sunday dayoff

20 марта

Let the entire world wait, OSCE has Sunday dayoff

Populated districts as before are targeted by AFU. Ukrainian military units shell purposefully populated streets, many-storied houses and private houses.

Dwellers have already been accustomed to these sounds and they know the direction perfectly well, however, it is impossible to be accustomed when your own house struck, when the death is so close.



Amount of casualties in the DPR as a result of Kiev aggression decreased only thankfully to careful behavior of dwellers. It was told to journalists by the DPR Human Rights Ommbudsman Dariya Morozova.

‘Civilians have already accustomed to shelling and they know what to do and it decreases amount of casualties. 53 people got wounded since the beginning off 2017, including 4 children. 4 people perished’, she reported.

OSCE have never showed all shelling, because they did not go to all districts where shelling, and especially in time of the shelling was.

Now they stopped even reporting about amount of explosions, they have rest at the weekends in the zone of military conflict.

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