The CIA has declassified documents about the atrocities of OUN-UPA

24 января

The CIA has declassified documents about the atrocities of OUN-UPA

Recently the Central intelligence Agency of the United States released hundreds of thousands of previously classified documents by posting them on the Agency’s website, including more than 11 thousand related to the Ukraine. Some of them consist of the reports of the secret services about the so-called insurgents (OUN-UPA) on the territory of the USSR. In particular, in one of the reports, according to the American archives, “fighters for independence” held some diversions by blowing up civilian infrastructure; in particular a power plant in Lvov, as well as the Korsun-Shevchenko HPS on the river Ros was undermined. In the result of this “action” a lot of civilians died. By the way, today such actions are qualified as terrorist act. However, and the CIA in their reports, which can be a surprise for the “patriots”, refers to the UPA as to terrorist organizations and to their main leaders, Stepan Bandera, Andriy Melnyk and Roman Shukhevych. These “fighters for independence” proclaimed as national heroes by the current Ukrainian “patriots”, calling “Volyn massacre”, mass murder of civilians of different nationalities and outright terror – “liberation” struggle of the Ukrainian people against Bolshevism. In the publication of declassified by CIA documents, it is interesting that on the eve of the apparent turn in the US policy towards Ukraine, American intelligence Agency has revealed documents proving the terrorist activities of the OUN-UPA. Thus, setting the stage for what would be the right time to announce all current followers of Bandera and Shukhevych as terrorists. Thus, they removed from themselves responsibility for the events in Ukraine. That in turn will allow the new US administration to hold constructive talks with Moscow on the fate of the independent on a mutually beneficial basis.


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