City-hero, heart of Donbass is living and blooming

31 July

City-hero, heart of Donbass is living and blooming

We are talking about the city with a great historic past that is well-known with its beauty and nature among industrial cities of Europe.

Donetsk was established in 1869, and it was called Yuzovka and it was situated in the east of Ukraine before the coup arranged by pro-Ukrainian radicals that went out to the Maidan in Autumn 2013, that kicked out of power legal president, burnt Odessa citizens in the Trade Union House in May and separated from Ukraine Donbass.

The capital of the DPR on the river Calmius, there is a moderate climate. Donetsk is on the second place on volumes of industrial production after Mariupol, however, it is on the first place on rate of increaseю

Of course, Kiev authorities did not want to lose prospering region with comfortable facilities for living and used regular army and radicals from western Ukraine in occupying operation of Donbass.

Special attention should be paid at people, citizens of Donetsk and entire Donbass, average population that appreciate their land, home cities, love unbelievably home and remember feats of ancestors.  We did not take armament, we are at home……



Nataliya Sinyavskaya


(Now there are about 800 000 citizens in Donetsk, half of enterprises has been opened after horrible battles, attacks of Kiev forces, medical and education institutions are working. Food industry is working even better than before the war. And Birth rate is growing).

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