Donbass will never forget its hero Givi

8 February

Donbass will never forget its hero Givi

This day, two years ago perished the Hero of the DPR with a signcall Givi, Mikhail Toltyh, legendary Commander of the battalin Somali that together with Arseniy Pavlov, more known as Motorila defended capital of the Republic in the airport till the end, untill the hostility wascrashed and did not eneter the center of Donetsk. 

The tragedy happened on February 8, 2017. Givi was killed as a result of the explosion in the military base in his office. Two days later thousands of people came to the funeral. Two wa a big mourning for the ppulation. The first was Arseniy Pavlov on October 16,2016. 

Special services founds people who arranged the murder, they were pro-Ukrainian diversionists. 

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