DPR recommends itself as a human state

8 June

DPR recommends itself as a human state

Human attitude to animals is the base for the sane society.

Public utility Animals in the city Donetsk will celebrate the 10th anniversary next year. It was opened in 2009 to improve epidemic situation in Donetsk.

Main directions of work of the organization is to vaccinate and sterilize homeless dogs, to help to dogs who suffer on the road, to return back to their common place of living out to find new owners.

Organization works at support of city administration, it is headed by Andrey Kovalyov since 2016. Regalement was made, everyone knows its duties. Group of volunteers headed by the responsible for the sector take active position in the life of this place. They make dog-houses , walk with them and find new homes.


Nataliya Sinyavskaya



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